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Hey family,

We are ‘omChanted’, a little collaboration of two best friends, soulmates, hubby + wife, Annabelle & Ash. 

We couldn’t be more grateful to be on this new musical adventure together, allowing the joys and healing of music into our lives & sharing the benefits of sound with our beautiful community of Gisborne, New Zealand. 

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Our Story

Together, we hold a Bachelor Of Music & over 20 year's of music experience, in performing & teaching.  On a musical level, we know our stuff. We have been on quite a musical journey together over the last 9 years, from working on cruise ships in a party band and as corporate musicians performing all over New Zealand. There came a point in time though when we asked “is this it?” We love performing though and enjoy seeing how happy people are, however at times it seemed we were missing the point of why we were given these gifts. Maybe there was a deeper level to this music thing? What if we could use music in a way to assist others on their healing journeys? What if we could shift the energy and vibration of people that come to our events into a higher state of being?

In 2019, we delved into our own lifelong healing journeys, exploring who we REALLY are & what we were being called to do in this life, all while exploring music that spoke to our souls and helped us move through different layers of trauma & programming which was accumulated over the years.

Our curiosity lead us down many paths,. We have read tons of books, experimented with plant medicines, cold therapy, breath work, meditation & so many more, but ultimately, music has been at the core of our journey together. The medicine it has offered, has brought us into our true spirit & remembrance of who we are at soul level, beneath the beliefs & programs placed on us.

In 2024, Ash tends to focus on Breathwork + 'sound healing', combining his voice, guitar, percussion & 432hz quartz crystal singing bowls to move stuck energy & shift into high states of consciousness.
Annabelle works mostly with children teaching sound healing + mindfulness, and has a focus on voice, with the belief that voice is the most powerful 'instrument' of all for activating our inner healer. Together, with our gifts & intentions, we are a powerful team.

Ash completed his Hawa Breathwork training (which is essentially 'Holotropic') at the end of 2023, which induces non-ordinary states of consciousness, intended to help with emotional healing & personal growth.  

At the moment,, we spend a lot of time on the farm with surrounding nature writing songs, exploring different styles of music, cultures and we have developed a diverse love for music worldwide. We have come across music and songs that have helped us to heal, transform and come into our true nature. We call this ‘Medicine Music’ because they have truly been our medicine. These sacred songs and mantras have profoundly shifted our state of being and we want to radiate this out into the world offering a unique experience for groups and individuals, offering them an opportunity to tap into the deeper parts of themselves that seek healing, and allow the music to fill and soothe those spaces, just as we have.

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