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Benefits and Information 


We are in service to our community, offering unique sound healing journeys + breathwork experiences to help you process, transform, grow & heal. 


Hawa Breathwork

A Breathwork experience is where you can explore an altered state of consciousness for self healing and self exploration. 

Ash was trained by Hawa Breathwork creator, Andrea Anstiss, a transpersonal psychotherapist, who draws heavily on the practice of rebirthing and holotropic breathwork.

Holotropic breathwork is a powerful breathing technique created by Stanislov and Christina Grof in the 1970’s which induces deep states of altered consciousness to release blocked energy, trauma and emotions. It activates a state of mind similar to a psychedelic experience & allows you to access parts of your psyche & subconscious mind that can't be reached under ‘normal’ conditions. 

What happens in states of altered consciousness?

During altered states of consciousness our normal mental filters and barriers are lowered, allowing us to connect with our subconscious and access deeper levels of insight and understanding.
This can help us to identify and address the root causes or emotional imbalances within ourselves, and can also help us to tap into our own innate healing abilities.
We may be able to access memories or emotions that we have been repressed or buried, and by bringing these to the surface and processing them, we may be able to release them and heal from their effects.
During certain altered states we may also be able to experience a heightened sense of interconnectedness with the world around us, which can lead to profound insights and healing.


What might you experience as a breather?

Experiences emerge from one or more of the following realms:

Sensory - The Breather may feel energy moving through different parts of his/her body, or become aware of areas that are numb or painful. The Inner Healer will direct the Breather to move/act to resolve these issues.

Biographical domain - We may relive past events that happened any time between our births and the present moment.

Perinatal - This includes anything that happened during conception, time in the womb and birth.

Transpersonal - This is the realm where we experience being more than just our ‘skin-encapsulated egos’. In other words more than just our personal stories and our bodies. This may include experiences of talking to angels or deities, reliving past lives/ancestral memories, feeling ‘at one’ with nature or entire groups of people, or identifying with being a specific animal.

Who would benefit from Hawa Breathwork?

* Those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or other emotional or psychological issues.
* Those who are seeking spiritual growth, deeper insights into the nature of reality, or a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.
* Those who are interested in exploring altered states of consciousness, including mystical or transcendent experiences.
* Those who are seeking to heal physical ailments, chronic pain, or other health issues.
* Those who are interested in personal growth and self-discovery, and want to explore their inner selves more deeply.


Sound Healing

The universe is made up of energy. We are energy. Thank goodness in recent times, Science has caught up and studies show the profound effects that sound & vibration have on our bodies, right down to cellular level, as well as on our mind & spirit.

Everything has its own particular vibration. Atoms, cells, molecules, body organs and our environment. By sounding the corresponding vibration, through resonance and harmonics, with a focused healing intention, any body part or energy centre can be restored to balance.

A Sound Bath or Healing is a therapeutic and meditative experience where you simply  “bathe” in the sounds and vibrations produced by different instruments such as shamanic drums, voice, guitar & crystal bowls. Through these sounds and vibrations, your mind enters a meditative and relaxed state. This brings about healing at mental, emotional, and physical levels.

During a sound bath, the brainwave state is altered from normal waking state (beta) to relaxed state (alpha), dreamlike state (theta), and even restorative state (delta). As the mind and body relax, the heart rate and blood pressure decrease and our breathing becomes deeper.  It is in this state that deep healing can occur.

Sound not only reduces stress and anxiety by inducing a state of relaxation, but it also has physiological benefits. These include a reduction in pain, better sleep, removal of toxins, and strengthening of immune systems. Anything is possible, especially with the right intention!

So, what are the benefits?

Sound has proven to have healing effects on the mind as well as the body. A sound bath session can lead to reduced anxiety levels, tension, and sadness as well as diminished pain. 

It may seem like sound baths are yet another New Age trend, but sound therapy is as old as time, dating back over 40,000 years. Sound is used in many traditional cultures for healing and in ceremony. Ancient Greeks used flutes and lyres to treat digestion and mental health, Tibetans used singing bowls for over 2,000 years for meditation purposes, and Australian aboriginal tribes played the didgeridoo to heal the sick.

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