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1:1 Transformational Breathwork Session

Explore an altered state of consciousness for self healing, one-on-one with Ash.

  • 3 hr
  • 333 New Zealand dollars
  • Gisborne

Service Description

A 1:1 Breathwork session is a safe place where you can explore an altered state of consciousness for self healing and self exploration. Structure: 1. Introduction/Preparation 2. Breathwork Journey 3. Cacao + Integration Continued support will be offered within the week after the session via Signal app. Ash was trained by Hawa Breathwork founder, Andrea Anstiss, a transpersonal psychotherapist, who draws heavily on the practice of rebirthing and holotropic breathwork. Holotropic breathwork is a powerful breathing technique created by Stanislov and Christina Grof in the 1970’s which induces deep states of altered consciousness to release blocked energy, trauma and emotions. It activates a state of mind similar to a psychedelic experience & allows you to access parts of your psyche & subconscious mind that can't be reached under ‘normal’ conditions. What happens in states of altered consciousness? During altered states of consciousness our normal mental filters and barriers are lowered, allowing us to connect with our subconscious and access deeper levels of insight and understanding. This can help us to identify and address the root causes or emotional imbalances within ourselves, and can also help us to tap into our own innate healing abilities. We may be able to access memories or emotions that we have been repressed or buried, and by bringing these to the surface and processing them, we may be able to release them and heal from their effects. During certain altered states we may also be able to experience a heightened sense of interconnectedness with the world around us, which can lead to profound insights and healing. Sessions are held 35mins from Gisborne City in our Lotus Belle Tent. Address disclosed upon booking.

Contact Details

  • Gisborne, New Zealand


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