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We specialise in holistic wellness which promotes healing, personal growth & transformation using tools such as breathwork, sound healing, plant medicine & connection.

Breathwork | Sound Healing | Plant Medicine   Wellness in the workplace | Mindful Music Lessons

Our Philosophy

Ash and Annabelle: Connection, Love + Friendship

At omChanted, we specialise in alternative wellness + healing modalities including Breathwork, Sound Healing, Plant Medicine and other healing practises. Together, we hold a Bachelor of. Music, over 20 year’s of musical experience and Certification in Hawa Breathwork.

Our intention is to help others become more aware of their internal environment by becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and help others identify where and why resistance shows up in the physical, mental and emotional body so they can gain a deeper meaning of life and connect to their purpose and truth.  


These healing practises have the power to change ways of being, anxiety, trauma and depression, while enhancing feelings of love and joy. 

Through altered states of consciousness, we are able to shift stagnant or blocked energy that potentially keeps you feeling low in energy and stuck in life. We provide a safe space where you can explore your inner world and journey into the subconscious for deep healing.

Want to learn more about us, our journey & how we ended up here? 

Sound Healing

Book a 1:1, private group or include us to your next conscious event. Bathe in the sounds of 432hz Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls, Guitar, Voice & Medicinal instruments.
All sound healings are led by spirit with the intention to nurture & heal the being(s) in the session. Ash is simply the vessel to channel the music required for the individual.
Nothing is rehearsed or prepared beforehand.

Hawa Breathwork

Book a 1:1 or a private group Hawa Breathwork Experience for deep self-healing & self exploration. 
Hawa Breathwork, a potent breathing technique, similiar to hyperventalation, induces deep states of altered consciousness to release blocked energy, trauma & emotions.
A very powerful healing tool for change and transformation.

Other Healing Experiences 

Book a powerful healing experience which combines Breathwork, Sound Healing + Plant Medicine Ceremony.
1:1, private group or Ash can come to you at your home/venue or conscious event.
The ultimate transformational experience.

Other services offered include Ice Baths, Cacao Ceremonies & Mens or Womens Circles. Please enquire within so we can tailor an event to suit you.

Wellness In The Workplace:
Recharge + Reconnect your team

In this society, we all work VERY hard and we all need a break sometimes. We offer team bonding journeys that will provide your crew with the ultimate rejuvenating experience.
We can provide workshops or full day experiences combining Meditation, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Cold water Immersion & Farm Fitness. Perfect for groups who are looking to mentally refresh and strengthen their team. 
Get in touch so we can create a unique event, tailored to meet your teams needs.


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